Harvey Weinstein Rag
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"Jim Goulder"
2017-10-23 05:42:28 UTC
To: Draft Dodger Rag [Phil Ochs, 1965]


Oh, I'm just a typically Hollywood guy,
With a typically Hollywood style.
I believe in glitz and glamorous tits,
And living by wits and guile.

But since my peccadilloes made,
A splash across the press,
The time is ripe for some PR hype,
'Cause I'm in a royal mess.


I'm a paunchy old fart,
I have a great big heart,
Been married for many a year.
A bar mitzvah boy,
Entertaining goy-
Im for most of my career.

I'm the Democrats' friend,
And I'm happy to spend,
Whatever they ask of me.
Hey, my life is full,
I'm a-goin' to shul,
'N' gettin' psychotherapy.


Starlets are upset,
When they fail to get,
Parts they were anglin' for.
All at once they kvetch,
I'm a great big lech,
So they can even up the score.

Sure, I got my kicks,
But I asked those chicks,
To keep it under their hat.
'Cause when I do get wild,
I'm a '60's child,
Free love is where it's at.



Now my legal team,
Is runnin' out of steam,
And my board is on the run.
So if I look at scripts,
On comin' business trips,
I'm gonna have a lot less fun.

I think I'll take a leave,
Gonna have to grieve,
Checkin' out rehab, in fact,
'Cause In Hollywood,
Your story's no damn good,
Till it's got that final act.
Arthur T.
2017-10-23 06:05:05 UTC
Post by "Jim Goulder"
To: Draft Dodger Rag [Phil Ochs, 1965]
Nice filk. I don't think I'd seen that song filked before.
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