New filk: Will the Circle Stay Unbroken?
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Arthur T.
2017-06-16 01:48:26 UTC
Title: Will the Circle Stay Unbroken?
ttto: Can the Circle Be Unbroken (aka Will the Circle Be Unbroken)
by Ada R. Habershon, Charles H. Gabriel, A.P. Carter

After panels, starts the filking,
And the circle's going strong.
Seems a hundred different people
Want to sing their favorite song.

Will the circle stay unbroken
Until dawn or maybe past?
I've a soft bed and soft pillow.
When will I use them at last?

We hit midnight without stopping,
'Cept to sing "God Save the Queen".
But the tenor slowly changes,
As more lyrics are obscene.


Now the clock ticks ever later,
Half the filkers weak with thirst.
There are many want to leave here,
Not a one wants to be first.


At four thirty, I am bleary,
But the filking is pure bliss.
Though I need sleep, and I should leave,
I'm afraid what I might miss.


Someone starts Horse-tamer's Daughter,
Though the clock says five fifteen.
I don't want them to feel slighted,
So I cannot leave this scene.


Someone's leaving. Now the rush starts,
And we all can call it quits.
Hope I can find my hotel room;
Lack of sleep has dulled my wits.

(Last chorus:)
Now the circle has been broken,
And I stumble to my room.
Ne'er again will I be stupid.
When does open filk resume?

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2017-06-18 16:13:41 UTC