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Arthur T.
2017-07-09 20:51:33 UTC
I had trouble posting this, and when I try to retrieve it, I get
no body. So, I'm trying again. Maybe it's just as well, as I made a
small change.

Title: Minor Character
ttto: I'm the Urban Spaceman by Neil Innes

I'm not the protagonist; but
I play my part.
Without me things fall apart.

I'm not the antagonist; but
I'm here for cause,
But I never get applause.

You don't root for me;
You just read on.
With no attention spared for me,
I might as well be gone.

I am just a character that
Moves plot along.
Yet, I belong.

I might be there for comedy, for pathos, or for wit.
And if I die or just get hurt you maybe care a bit.

I might be an extra,
Or might have a big part,
Stupid or smart.

I might carry spears and
I might clean up after the chief,
But I don't beef.

I do what is asked of me,
Never complain.
I watch as others grow and change
I'm here for them again.

I'm not a protagonist, but
You must accede,
I'm who they need.

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2. no money changes hands.
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Jeff Urs
2017-07-18 03:16:38 UTC
I can imagine Sam Gamgee (though it doesn't describe him!) doing this with his hands clasped behind his back.

Good one.