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Arthur T.
2016-12-23 00:52:11 UTC
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Title: Unlike a Rock
ttto: Loves Me Like a Rock by Paul Simon

When I would scour my tile and grout
I would scrub it until it gleamed
All of this mildew!
The mildew stains are galling
I'm supposed to get it clean
It resists my strongest soaps
I guess I'll have to brush it,
I'll crush it
Take my time; no need to rush it
And I'm sure I'll get it clean
I'll clean it up in several stages
And dry it.
To stop new mildewing, I'll dry it.

When I worked in a salon
I would snip and cut all day
"You want this hairdo,
Hairdo that's not appalling?"
I'm an artist with your hair
Styling it with expertise
(I) Know you're gonna love it,
Just love it
You'll like no other do above it
You'll walk proudly with this do
You'll do your business confidently
And you'll love it,
You'll love it, love it, love it, love it.

Now that I'm an obi priest,
There is a power in my name.
I say "now hoodoo,
Hoodoo is my new calling."
I'm an obeah witch man
Necromantic mojo power
That's why my zombies heed me
They need me
They always will accede t'me
I hold them so well in check
I check them, so that they stay hardy
And hold them.
Yes, my power always holds them.
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Arthur T.
2016-12-23 01:16:13 UTC
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Post by Arthur T.
Title: Unlike a Rock
ttto: Loves Me Like a Rock by Paul Simon
Somehow I again missed my standard copyright and license sig on
that. So apply the one on this message to the original.

My lyrics copyright 2016 by Arthur Tansky. License granted for
non-commercial, non-political archiving and performance as long as:
1. copyright notice is maintained, and
2. no money changes hands.
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