"Makin' Wookiee"
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Kay Shapero
2017-01-18 06:33:28 UTC
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Subject: Trying to Identify Author of "Makin' Wookiee"
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Greetings! I'm trying to identify the author of "Makin' Wookiee" (source
song and subject self-evident from the title, I assume :-> ) I saw a
reference to the base song and the filk lyrics popped in my head so I'm
pretty sure it came from the SF fan community but the only place online
I can find the lyrics could only identify the source as "the song first
appeared in around 1979 at the University of Connecticut." I donated my
filksong lyrics collection to an archivist a couple of years ago so I
can't reference it myself. Any tips greatly appreciated! (Please respond
by email as I do not generally read this group.) Thanks!


Kay Shapero
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Kathy Sands
2017-06-24 05:42:45 UTC
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'makin' wookies' was what lots of filkers called Fred Kuhn's "star whores" even though that telegraphed the punchline. If that is actually the song you were looking for.